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Welcome to your Progress Tracker

What is your weight?
What is your waist measurement (inches)?
What is your hip measurement (inches)?

Do you suffer from hot flushes or night sweats?

Are you suffering memory loss?

Do you have foggy thinking?

Do you have mood swings?

Do you suffer from vaginal dryness?

Do you have breast tenderness?

Do you have heavy or painful periods?

Do you suffer water retention or bloating?

Do you feel low or depressed?

Do you have anxiety?

Do you have fibroids or cysts?

Are your periods irregular?

Do you have acne breakouts?

Do you have any unwanted hair growth?

Do you have weight gain around the middle?

Are you short tempered?

Do you have increased sweating?

Do you need to eat every few hours?

Do you need more energy during the day?

Do you suffer from constipation?

Do you have brittle nails?

Do you have dry skin?

Does your hair come out in the shower or when brushing?

Do you have cold hands or feet?

Is your sex drive lower than you’d like?

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Do you have joint or muscle aches and pains?

Do you suffer with PMS (bloating, cramps, heavy bleeding, mood swings)?

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning?

Do you feel stressed out or wired?

Do you have trouble sleeping (falling asleep or waking up in the night)?

Do you have sugar cravings?

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