Success Stories

“I joined the 30 days to Happy Hormones programme initially because I wanted to lose some weight and to regulate my feelings and emotions on the run up to my period. Following the 30 day programme meant I soon discovered so many more benefits! By feeding my hormones the right nutrients, making sure I was resting enough and following the 4 step process, I lost over 9lbs in 30 days. I had so much more energy and could finally think straight and I wasn’t as affected by that ‘out of control’ feeling just before my cycle! I am finally off the yo-yo diet cycle and feel so much better all round. I now know and understand what foods are right for me and can keep me on track. Nicki’s help, guidance and support were invaluable and I can’t recommend it enough. Being shown the right way and seeing and feeling the benefits has changed my outlook, my eating habits and my life – all for the better!!"    

Aegean Thompson, Senior Operations Manager, HSBC

“I went to see Nicki as I was feeling very tired, couldn't sleep at night and had some weight to lose - and thought it might be to do with my hormones. After an initial chat with her, she explained how hormone imbalances could cause these symptoms, and I knew she could help me.  She put me on her 30 day programme, which I really enjoyed. I wasn’t expecting to find it so easy, and I started losing weight and feeling better almost immediately. I have since lost 19lbs and continuing to lose consistently every week, even after finishing the programme. I have so much more energy and am finally getting a good night’s sleep.”

Sharon Aldridge-Bent, University Lecturer

“ Once I hit 40, I found it really hard to lose weight. My usual diets just weren't working any more. I had no idea it could be down to my hormones, until I discovered Nicki's 30 day programme! By ditching the foods that weren't serving my hormones, I managed to lose 10lbs of fat from my middle, I was able to stay awake past 9pm for the first time in years, and everyone noticed how glowing my skin was! And I finally have the energy and stamina to deal with stress. I'm amazed at what can be achieved in such a short time!”  

Heena Thaker, Optometrist

“When I first starting working with Nicki, I was struggling to lose weight and felt bloated. After working with her, I lost 8lbs and the bloating disappeared. The meal plan was so easy to follow, and there were food lists if I wanted to do my own thing. The recipes were delicious and I didn’t feel hungry at all during the whole 30 days. I am now eating healthy food that I love -and I have the tools I need to lose a few pounds if I need to. I highly recommend Nicki’s programme to anyone who is looking for sustainable weight loss and a healthy eating plan for the long term.”

Donna Obstfeld, CEO;

"I sought help from Nicki for my constant fatigue and feelings of stress.  I followed her suggested plan for my diet and her recommended supplements and really noticed the difference in my energy levels. She also gave me some excellent techniques in dealing with stress. She is incredibly approachable and puts you immediately at ease. Overall, I feel a significant change in my life thanks to Nicki's advice and would highly recommend her and the Happy Hormones programmes."  

Michelle Farr, BBC Producer

"I highly recommend working with Nicki - she was there every step of the way and was very approachable. At the end, I achieved what I set out to do, I felt better and wasn't wanting a nap in the middle of the afternoon any more -- great result!  I am more than happy to recommend Nicki and want to work with her again"  

Karen Scott, CEO

"My weight had been creeping up year after year since my menopause, and I was suffering with low energy, poor sleep, hot flushes and digestive issues. Nicki got my hormones tested and put me on her 30 day programme. The first thing that improved was my sleep. What a difference that made! After 2 weeks I had lost 3kg without feeling hungry or deprived. After 30 days I had lost a total of 5kg, had got my energy back and the hot flushes and digestive issues had disappeared! I love my new healthy lifestyle and will never go back, thanks to Nicki’s programme and support.”  

Francine Smith, Hertfordshire

‘'Before I started work with Nicki, I put my growing fatigue and brain fog down to my hormones and being a busy business owner and mum. But when she ran some tests, we discovered it was a Candida infection that was to blame! With Nicki’s support, and a really effective diet and supplement programme, I have now regained control over my life. I would highly recommend working with Nicki - she has a wonderful manner and is incredibly supportive. I’m really grateful for her fantastic programme!'  

Naomi Martell-Bundock, CEO

"I joined Nicki’s 30 day programme at a time when I felt at my most frustrated with my body.  At 47 I was fed up with the layers of fat around my middle.  On top of that, I was exhausted every afternoon and struggled to get on with day to day things. Joining the 30 day Happy Hormones programme was like a major reboot for my body. What I really liked about the programme was the personal support and expert knowledge and guidance, coupled with the community of people pushing you forward and cheering you on.  Nicki is genuinely motivated by helping women take back control of their lives and their bodies. The benefits have been amazing and some have been unexpected!  I have lost much of the fat around my middle…..I even tucked a top in my jeans the other day!  I am also so much clearer in my thinking since cutting out gluten.  My children have stopped laughing at me for never finishing my sentences.  I would often forget what I was talking about and vocabulary would escape me.  Not great when you’re an English teacher!  My frozen shoulder, previously eased only by cortisol injections, has also improved vastly as the inflammation in my body has subsided.  Everyday I look forward to looking after myself because I know now how to do it!"    

Janine Rhind, Teacher, Hertfordshire

"After dieting my whole life, a flip switched at the beginning of this year and all I wanted was to get healthy and have more energy. I got in touch with Nicki and started her programme after a hormone assessment. It helped me optimise my diet and within a couple of weeks I started to feel considerably better and had more energy. I started to exercise regularly and experiment with different foods and now feel better than I have in years. It has been a complete lifestyle change for me, but I am now 7 months down the line and still enjoy being fit and healthy!"

Freddie Rhodes,

"I highly recommend Happy Hormones as the best lifestyle you could lead whatever your age. I am 51 and in full menopause mode.  I spent just under 2 years on HRT and have suffered most of the side effects. After a visit to the Doctors about the latest symptoms and the offer of another type of pill I decided to wean myself of HRT and start the Happy Hormones programme which I discovered the month before. From the outset I looked at this programme as medicine and I can honestly say its the best thing I have ever done. The programme is very well researched and practiced and the support from Nicki and her Facebook family is great. The weight loss is a bonus to a new way of life that has let me be the best I can ever be. I am forever grateful to Nicki and can’t believe how amazing I feel every day. My husband thinks he has a new woman!!!"  

Sonja Belchere, The Custodian, Ludlow Castle, Shropshire

"I just wanted to say a big Thank You to Nicki. I "found" her just over a year ago on Facebook and was intrigued by her 30 days to Happy Hormones and finally took the plunge last January. I have Hashimoto's disease, my weight was creeping up and I wasn't sleeping (mainly due to night sweats) and my tummy was always bloated, swollen and sore. I slowly got to grips with the principals and started to feel so much better. 12 months on I have lost 1 stone, 4 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my hips and am down to under 9 stone. I am sleeping better and the night sweats are nearly gone. I used to have an incredibly sweet tooth and craved sweet, junk foods; which were difficult to resist. Now I am not interested in them! I enjoy healthy home cooked foods, look forward to my breakfast shake and love experimenting with new recipes. It has made a massive difference to my life. I am 54 and feel slimmer, healthier and fitter than I have done for years. My husband also says I am happier in myself ! So if you are not sure this is for you, I can certainly recommend you give it a might just change your life."    

Tracy Johnston, Teaching Assistant, Worcestershire
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