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Happy Hormones Self Care – Step 1 – Eat

Do you want happy hormones this year?

You may know that I really don’t advocate New Year resolutions or radical ‘all or nothing’ changes to your diet or lifestyle. Especially when they involve deprivation, hunger or extensive will power! Instead I like to recommend some intensive Self Care.

I don’t mean going on a spa break (although that’s nice!), I mean self care for your body and mind. Because that will not only support your hormones, but will also get you into some good self care habits for the rest of the year.

Over the next 4 weeks, I’ll be covering my 4 step Happy Hormones Code – 4 real self care steps that will support your hormones so they will work for you, not against you. When your hormones are happy, you’ll have boundless energy, balanced moods, a slimmer body and a clearer brain.

Today I’m covering Step 1 of my Happy Hormone Code – Eat!

Nicki WilliamsHappy Hormones Self Care – Step 1 – Eat
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Which are healthier; smoothies or juices?

If you’re trying to be healthier, then you’ve probably tried including juices or smoothies into your diet. I often get asked which is better?

As always, it’s not that clear cut!  Both have pro’s and cons depending on what you need.

So here’s my take on both smoothies and juicing.

Nicki WilliamsWhich are healthier; smoothies or juices?
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Is Coffee Good Or Bad For Your Health?

If you’re starting a healthy eating plan or diet, you’ll most likely be told to give up coffee. It’s always been thought to be bad for you.

The truth is that it’s good for some, and not so good for others.

As with a lot of nutrition topics, coffee is not just black or white (forgive the pun…!).

Nicki WilliamsIs Coffee Good Or Bad For Your Health?
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Feeling bloated? Common causes of bloating and how to beat it

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms we hear from our female clients, especially for women with PMS or going through perimenopause and beyond.

It’s not fun to be offered a seat on the bus or train because you look like you could be pregnant!  And no fun at all feeling uncomfortable in your clothes all day long.

Whatever your experience of bloating, it’s an indication that your gut is not happy, so it’s worth finding out what might be causing it so that you can address it and feel comfortable again.

Nicki WilliamsFeeling bloated? Common causes of bloating and how to beat it
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The amazing health benefits of dark chocolate

I desperately wanted to be a good nutritionist, but one thing I was never prepared to give up was my chocolate fix. It wasn’t always the healthy kind back then. I had to adapt my taste buds to the darker variety, but after a bit of training, I am now pretty hard core at 85% cocoa (and loving it)!

So mainly for personal reasons, I’m always on the look out for research that confirms the health benefits.

Nicki WilliamsThe amazing health benefits of dark chocolate
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Vitamin B12 Benefits and Symptoms of Deficiency

What do you know about Vitamin B12 deficiency? I didn’t know much about it before I studied nutrition. I knew B12 was something you got from animal foods, so vegetarians and vegans might be deficient, but not much else.

And it seems Vitamin B12 often gets ignored in the medical world too.  In fact I have a personal story about this. My grandma was in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. She used to go a bit ‘crazy’ they said once in a while and spend a few months in an institution. Until they discovered years later that she was B12 deficient. Imagine her life had they discovered this earlier?

And my mum also has Pernicious Anaemia, so I get tested every year to make sure I’m OK, as it’s clearly in the family.

Nicki WilliamsVitamin B12 Benefits and Symptoms of Deficiency
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Is eating organic food better for you (or your hormones)?

With organic food sales going through the roof, is it actually better for you? If you Google it, it won’t help! There are so many conflicting reports, it’s impossible to come to a reasoned decision.

So what’s the real story?

Well if you look at the research, it’s a mixed bag. Some research is looking at nutrients in organic foods, and concluding that there’s really not much difference, although results are very mixed.

Some studies focus on the health outcomes of eating organic – generally these conclude that organic food eaters are more healthy – but again that could be just  because they choose other healthy habits alongside eating organic.

But what most of these articles fail to really address is the danger of pesticides used on non organic produce. And that’s what I worry about the most. Nobody can argue that pesticides are safe for humans – there are literally thousands of studies saying the contrary.

Nicki WilliamsIs eating organic food better for you (or your hormones)?
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Why I’ve changed my mind about potatoes!

Why am I talking about potatoes?? Well, they have had a bit of a bad rap in the past.

The nutrition world (including me!) had shunned potatoes because they were thought to spike your blood sugar, and not contain as many nutrients as other vegetables.

But in actual fact, recent science is showing they are actually more nutritious than we ever thought.

Nicki WilliamsWhy I’ve changed my mind about potatoes!
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My Top 10 Nutrition Myths

The internet is a great thing, it’s incredibly useful when you need to find stuff out. But with all that information, what and who to believe is another challenge altogether!

Despite huge advances in nutritional science, many practitioners are still getting it wrong. I’ve read a few things recently that I’m frustrated about so I’m myth-busting today! Here are my top 10 nutrition myths.

Nicki WilliamsMy Top 10 Nutrition Myths
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Top 10 tips to love your liver!

When you hear the word detoxification, it usually brings up images of exotic juice fasts or powders that leave you sitting on the loo all day!

But your body has its own detoxification system – your liver.

It’s an amazing thing your liver – did you know it’s the largest organ in the body, weighing over four pounds? And if you lost three-quarters of it, it would regenerate into a whole new liver?

And it has so many jobs to do. Over 500 at the last count.

Are you looking after it? That doesn’t just mean watching how many glasses of wine you’re drinking. Of course that’s important, but did you know that as well as detoxing alcohol, your liver also regulates your hormones?

Nicki WilliamsTop 10 tips to love your liver!
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