NT Clinical Academy

A Tried & Tested 'Done For You' Clinical Practice

I'm Lauren Lovell, registered Nutritional Therapist, and Operations Manager at Happy Hormones for Life.
Over the last 5 years working with Nicki, I've built a successful and super BUSY clinic helping clients with every kind of health issue! As Nicki grew the business and we got more and more clients, I had to develop systemised and efficient processes so that could manage as many clients as we needed to.
Nicki and I are both passionate about supporting NT's to be successful so that we can reach more people. WITHOUT BURNING OUT!
And that's exactly what the NT Clinical Academy does. I teach you how to WORK LESS and build a clinical practice that is tried, tested and super efficient.
And I mentor you the whole way. Whether you're just starting out and need to fast track your clinical knowledge, or if you just want to systemise your clinic so you can take more time off, I'll help you get there.


* Would you like to process and systemise your clinical practice so you can work less and be more efficient?

* Are you just starting out and would love a 'clinic in a box' so you have it all done for you?

* Do you want tried and tested protocols so you can feel more confident with your clients?

* Would you like an experienced coach or mentor to discuss cases with and support you?

The NT Clinical Academy

Your Essential ToolKit For Your Own Successful NT Practice

This is a 15 week online course with the Systems, Skills and Support you need to create a super efficient, tried and tested clinical practice.

Next Dates; 30th Sept to 20th Jan

We Give You Our Best;

  • Processes & Systems
  • Templates (emails, questionnaire, Terms & Conditions etc)
  • How to Interpret The Key Tests We Use
  • Tried & Tested Client Protocols (Diet, Lifestyle, Supplements)
  • Client Journey Mapping
  • How to set up & optimise Practice Better
  • Getting the best client results
  • Clinical Pearls
  • Real Life Clinical Case Studies
  • Mentoring & Coaching

Course Overview

  • 10 Online Modules - step by step weekly in-depth trainings to give you exactly what you need to have a successful and efficient clinical practice

  • The Happy Hormones For Life processes, templates, protocols, recommended supplements, health questionnaire, Terms of Engagement, client journey mapping & testing interpretations - yours to upload straight into your client management system

  • Step by step support setting up and maximising your Practice Better account (if appropriate)

  • 6 Live Q&A check ins with Lauren to review progress and answer any questions. Access to recordings that you can keep and watch any time.

  • 4 Live Case Study calls with Lauren. Client cases will include protocols and test interpretations around 3 main systems; hormones, gut health and autoimmunity.

  • 6 Months FREE access to the private NTCA Membership group where you can get support and additional mentoring (worth £282)

How much is it?

See what these NT's thought of the programme;

What are the main challenges for NT's?



Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the information you need to have to work with clients? Especially complex clients?
We have 6 years experience in supporting clients with all kinds of issues. We can give you all the tools and mentoring you need so that you can deal with any client with confidence.


Whether you're just starting out or you've been going a while, sometimes it's hard to feel confident in what you're doing for your clients. 
We can give you that second opinion, and our tried and tested protocols so that you can feel confident in your practice knowing that your clients are getting the best support.
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Feeling alone

When you work for yourself, it can be lonely experience. Having someone to check in with and connect with is really important when you're an NT.
This programme supports you all the way. You'll have weekly sessions with your coach and mentor either to review & answer questions or to go through a Case Study. 

Working too hard

If you are spending hours researching each client and writing up 'perfect' notes, you are not only working for a very low hourly rate, but you're also more likely to burn out as you're working too hard.

With the right processes, systems and templates in place, you will spend hardly any time outside of your 1-1 client time, allowing you to earn more and work less!

Not enough experience 

If you're just starting out, or haven't seen that many clients, you may feel you just don't have the experience you need to get clients the best results.
This course will fast track the years as we share our 6 years + experience with you in helping clients get great results. We will show you how to interpret key tests, and the best protocols for common issues.

The NT Clinical Academy

Module 1 - Onboarding Clients

In the first module we will be showing you how to onboard a client and manage their journey once they have agreed to work with you. This will include email templates, health questionnaires and instructions on testing. Plus ordering and managing testing and liaising with the labs. 

Module 2 - Hormone Testing

Module 2 is all about the amazing Dutch test that we use in clinic to assess hormone levels and behaviour. We'll share when to use it, how to order it and crucially how to interpret it. 

Module 3 - Blood Tests

In this module we'll be looking at the comprehensive blood testing that we use in clinic. We'll share what we're looking for in the blood, how to order the tests and crucially how to interpret them.

Module 4 -  Gut Tests

In Module 4 we will be talking about gut testing! We take you through our favourite gut test, what it shows, how to order it, and how to interpret it.

Module 5 - Client Protocols 1

Module 5 will look at the first part of our Protocol modules; Blood Sugar Balance and Gut Support. We will teach you our tried and tested protocols around our dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

Module 6 - Client Protocols 2

Module 6 is the second module on Protocols. Here we will share the protocols we use for sex hormone balance, adrenals and thyroid health. Plus how to support autoimmune conditions. We also include a brief on HRT so that you are comfortable talking about this topic with your clients.

Module 7 - Practice Better

In this module we will teach you the ins and outs of Practice Better, a client management system that we feel is essential for the efficient running of any clinical practice!  We'll help get you set up and ready to go.

Module 8 - Preparation

In Module 8 we are getting you ready to see your clients. This includes ensuring you have their health questionnaire, notes, test results and that you have considered the staging of their protocols. 

Module 9 - The Consultation Process

In this module, we will teach you how to conduct your initial and follow up consultations. This will take into account time management, goals, MyMop, compliance, communication of test results and protocols.

Module 10 - Wrap Up & Review

In the final Module, we share how to wrap up a client so that they go away knowing they've had a great experience, and tell all their friends! We include how to ask for referrals, how to review and measure progress, upselling and getting a dazzling testimonial. 

Bonus Module - Self Care

In this bonus module, we share some simple tools and systems that we have in place to support you including how to manage your time, emails and communications and setting boundaries so that you stay healthy and don't burn out. 

The NT Clinical Academy

Your Essential ToolKit For Your Own Successful NT Practice

This is a 15 week online course with the Systems, Skills and Support you need to create a super efficient, tried and tested clinical practice.

Next Dates; 30th Sept to 20th Jan

How much is it?

The NTCA Programme Is For You IF:

  • You want to have processes in place so you spend less time on admin

  • You want to learn tried and tested protocols for your clients

  • You want to be able to scale once you get busy

  • You want to learn how to interpret key tests in less time and with confidence

  • You want to offer packages that work for your clients

  • You want to have an experienced coach and mentor to support you

  • You want to learn from someone who has been there and done it

  • You want to fast track your clinical experience

Finally, a programme for NT's, designed by NTs, to give you the confidence, tools and systems so that you can focus on helping more people without burning yourself out If you're not sure if it's right for you;

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