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Hormone Balance Is The Key To Looking and Feeling Great Pre, Peri and Post Menopause!


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Hello and Welcome to the Happy Hormones Magazine!

My name is Nicki Williams, Editor in Chief and founder of Happy Hormones For Life.
If you’re a woman over 40, you may be here to find some answers to why you’re not feeling your best. You’re in the right place.
If you’re under 40, you may also be suffering hormones imbalances that can easily be helped. And I also want you to be ready for the journey ahead, so that you have the tools to look after your hormones now and in the future.
The reason I created this magazine, and my company Happy Hormones For life, is to provide the missing support to women who are suffering needlessly.
If you're not sure, common symptoms of hormone imbalance include;

  • Constant tiredness

  • Mood swings

  • Brain fog & memory loss

  • Stubborn weight gain that you can’t shift it no matter what you try

  • Insomnia

  • Low sex drive and/or vaginal dryness

  • PMS, heavy or painful periods

  • Embarrassing hot flushes or night sweats

Your hormones are pretty much in control of how you look, feel, think and behave - and you’re fighting a losing battle ulness you get to know them a bit better, and start giving them what they need to work for you, not against you.

My mission with this magazine is to educate, inspire and empower women to regain control of their hormones whether you're pre, peri or post menopause, so that they can feel better than ever as naturally as possible.

In fact, what if every woman could feel better than they ever have? I think it’s possible with the right knowledge and support.

That’s what I needed when I was going through my health issues in my early 40’s. I had 2 young kids, a busy corporate job and was exhausted trying to juggle everything and stay in control. I had a tyre around my middle that I couldn’t shift, I had brain fog that was affecting my work, and I was really grumpy and snappy with my husband and kids. I really didn’t like myself any more.

But when I went to my Doctor for help, he offered me antidepressants. I knew this wasn’t what I needed but It wasn’t until I got help from my dad who is a natural health doctor, that I understood about my hormones and that I was in peri-menopause – I had no idea!

But by putting in place some simple changes to my diet and lifestyle I managed to regain control of my hormones, get my energy back, lose the tyre around my middle, clear my brain fog and balance my moods.
I was so impressed with the results that I gave up my corporate life and went back to college to re-train.

I’m now an award winning nutritionist, author, speaker and a leading expert in women’s health and hormones. At Happy Hormones For Life, we have helped hundreds of women to get look and feel their best.

Because when women are at their best, the ripple effect is huge - everyone around them benefits!

And I believe women are not getting the support they need and deserve.

So I hope this magazine will inspire and empower YOU so that you can start your journey to happy hormones!

Many women are not getting the support they need and deserve

This magazine is for you if you are looking for answers as to;

  • Why you feel tired all the time, no matter how you sleep

  • Why your moods are so erratic

  • Why your brain is so foggy and forgetful

  • Why you're putting on weight that you just can't shift

  • Why you're having trouble getting a good night's sleep

  • Why you don't feel sexy any more