(Taking back control of your weight, energy and mood)


When you land inside the Happy Hormones Introduction Course I am going to introduce you to the 4 main hormones that control how we look, feel, think and perform after the age of 40. And I will show you an easy way to start taking back control of them. So that you can start to lose weight and feel re-energised – from today…
In Part 1 you will learn:
heartCortisol: Your stress hormone – I explain how to reduce your overall stress, so that you no longer feel fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, cravings and ultimately start reducing any fat around the middle.
heartInsulin: Your fat storing hormone – I explain how to help your body move from fat storing to fat burning and put an end to sugar cravings. Allowing your body to start releasing excess weight.
heartThyroid: Your metabolism regulator – Turns your metabolism UP (into fat burning and high energy mode) or DOWN (fat storing and energy conservation mode). I explain how best to look after your thyroid so you start burning fat and feel energised again.
heartOestrogen: Your sex hormone – After the age of 35, oestrogen can decline and fluctuate, promoting weight gain, PMS, hot flushes and a host of other symptoms. I explain how to rebalance your sex hormones and get your MOJO back.
By the time you're through with Part 1, you'll know how to recognise your symptoms and which of of your Feisty 4 hormones needs some TLC.This sets you up perfectly for Part 2 where you start to make your hormones work for you and not against you.