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One to one coaching
If you are fed up feeling tired, cranky, fat, bloated, moody, anxious, stressed out, menopausal or just MIDDLE-AGED, then its time to take back control of your hormones! Our one to one coaching packages are totally tailored to the individual. Whether you just need a Hormone Health Check one off consultation or a more intensive 12 week programme, we’ve got you covered. Book a free Discovery call to discuss your needs.

Test Packages
We have access to hundreds of functional tests that can get to the root cause of your symptoms so that we can work together to personalise your programme and fast track your results. The Hormone Health Check PLUS includes a comprehensive hormone test (delivered to your door) to get to the root cause of issues you may have had for years. From that we can create a totally personalised programme to address your own hormone imbalances and get much faster results.

Online programmes
Our 30 Days to Happy Hormones has proved to be successful time and time again with women over 40. It’s based on delicious foods that nourish your hormones, along with lifestyle tips on how best to support your Feisty 4 hormones!  Click on the Success Stories to find out what it could do for you.

Corporate work
Having a happy motivated and productive female workforce is vital when over 4 million women aged between 45-60 are in the workplace! Whether you want a 1 hour talk, a day’s workshop or a longer term programme, we can provide a solution that will improve staff energy levels, mood, confidence, productivity, morale and performance.

Contact us for a free Discovery Call to discuss your needs.

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