Are you suffering from any of these common issues?

  • Stubborn weight gain you just can't shift no matter what you try?

  • Fatigue - you’re either flat out exhausted or you just want more energy to do the things you love to do?

  • Mood swings that go from happy to depressed to emotional to angry - all in 5 minutes?

  • Brain fog and memory loss that is affecting your concentration, focus and sharpness (and you’re fed up of losing stuff!)?

  • PMS or hot flushes - your cycle might be all over the place, your PMS debilitating or your hot flushes a huge embarrassment?

  • Anxiety or stress might be keeping you ‘wired and tired’, overwhelmed, fearful or snappy?

  • Low Sex drive (or painful sex) that is affecting your relationship?

  • Digestive issues like constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, heartburn, gas - nothing seems to work?

You may have sought help from your Dr who might have told you;

'It's just your age....'

Of course you can’t stop the ageing process but if you can understand your hormones and how to balance them as you get older, you’ll not only look and feel better but you’ll be reducing your risk of more serious conditions down the line.
Knowing which of your hormones may be out of balance can help you to regain control so that you live life to the full at any age!

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'Here, take an antidepressant'...

I get it, it’s tempting to take a pill, and I’m not saying they don’t work! They do work for many women, but they are only meant to be a short term solution.
By identifying the root cause of your symptoms, we can help you put a plan in place to address it naturally and achieve sustainable long term results.

'Your tests are all normal'...

So many women tell me they have been tested and the results were ‘normal’. It happened to me too. It wasn’t until I got a private test panel done that I realised that there’s actually a big difference between ‘normal’ and ‘optimal’.
It’s no good being in the ‘normal’ range if you have all the symptoms and are feeling terrible. We want you in to the optimal range so you feel amazing! And that’s why full and thorough testing is so important. It gives you the real story so that you can choose to be optimal over normal.


stop dieting

'You just need to go on a diet..'

Like you haven’t tried that one already! When your hormones are out of balance, your body is in 'stress mode' and it will be very difficult to lose weight.
Once you know what your hormones are up to, you can rebalance and reboost your metabolism, switching on your fat burning hormones and switching off the fat storing hormones.

Why is our approach different?

  • We believe in finding the root cause of your symptoms, so that you don't have to 'manage' or 'mask' them

  • We use comprehensive and state of the art hormone and health tests so that can identify underlying imbalances that could be causing your symptoms

  • We use your test results along with your history, symptoms and goals to create a personalised plan to get you faster and more effective results

  • We listen and we understand. It’s so frustrating not being fully heard or understood, by your loved ones or by the medical profession. We understand you because we hear it every day from women just like you who are looking to live the best life they can

  • We ask the right questions to find out what might really be going on for you. In 30 minutes together, we will find out about you, your goals and what you need to best achieve them.

  • If you decide to go ahead with our testing packages or one to one support, then we make it easy - the last thing you need is more stress in your life. We provide everything you need to make it as simple as possible to get to your goals.

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