Hi !

It’s Nicki here and I’m really excited that you have signed up to my Happy Hormones Introduction Course to start learning the secrets to lasting weight loss, boundless energy, a balanced mood and a clear mind!

As you can see below your videos and bonus resource materials are all available in your free Private Membership Website, accessible from your phone, laptop or tablet so you can jump in whenever you have a spare few minutes.

I’ve broken this series down into 9 bite sized videos, with 3 main parts. We’ll go deeper into the Feisty 4 hormones, which I first introduced to you in the free Hormone Balancing Guide. I’m then going to cover the 4 big Influences that affect your Feisty 4 and then get into the 4 step nutrition and lifestyle system that puts it all together to help you to regain control of them.

Each video builds on the previous one, so it’s really important to go through each in order and take your time, to avoid any confusion.


Nicki WilliamsHappy Hormones Introduction Course