Meet Nicole Jardim as we chat about why period problems are not ‘normal’!

I’ve been a long time fan of Nicole Jardim and her vital work helping women with period problems, so when she agreed to an interview, I was very excited!

Nicole is a Certified Women’s Health Coach and the creator of Fix Your Period, a series of programs that empower women to reclaim their hormone health using a method that combines simplicity and sass.

Her incredible work has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of women around the world in effectively addressing a wide variety of period problems, including PMS, irregular periods, PCOS, painful periods, amenorrhea, and many more. 

Nicki WilliamsMeet Nicole Jardim as we chat about why period problems are not ‘normal’!
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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) safety; should you be worried?

Working with women’s hormones day in day out, I get asked a lot about HRT and in particular about HRT safety. Now I am not a medical doctor, but it’s my job to know a lot about hormones and treatment options. And make sense of the latest research so that I can educate and empower women to make informed choices.

Many people assume that just because I teach women how to manage their menopause naturally, that I’m anti-HRT. And I do know a few people on that side of the argument.

But things are never that simple are they? Nothing is black or white and there’s no one size fits all, especially when it comes to women’s hormones! I am not anti HRT or any medical treatments that work. What I am FOR, is choice. Informed, personal choice is what every woman deserves.

Nicki WilliamsHormone replacement therapy (HRT) safety; should you be worried?
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Men’s Guide to Menopause; How To Support The Woman In Your Life

Going through menopause can be turbulent for any woman, but it can also be a very scary time for men as they see the woman they love morphing into some angry stranger!

Understanding is key – women who have supportive partners are more likely to have a smoother ride through peri-menopause. If the man in your life is struggling to understand your strange behaviour lately, you may want to leave this men’s guide to menopause lying around…

Nicki WilliamsMen’s Guide to Menopause; How To Support The Woman In Your Life
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Holiday Stress – 2 mistakes to avoid when you’re trying to relax

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about holiday stress as in your holiday itself is stressful. I’m talking about your stress getting in the way of your long anticipated holiday!

I love my holidays. I’m not a handbag or shoes girl, I don’t even spend much on clothes, and I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty stuff.

Holidays are what I get excited about – and what I spend any spare money I have on. And my summer holiday is the highlight of my year. I plan it months in advance and with so much detail so that I know nobody will be disappointed.

In fact, it’s my mission each year to surpass the year before – my ultimate joy is getting to the destination and seeing the surprise on my kids faces – my job is done!

So when something doesn’t go perfectly, it’s hard for me to accept. And the last 2 summer holidays have resulted in a couple of things that I need to start learning from!

Nicki WilliamsHoliday Stress – 2 mistakes to avoid when you’re trying to relax
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Menopause and sex; low libido, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse

Sex is a subject that has been way too long in the taboo cupboard!

Advice for peri and menopausal women has been hard to find, so we’re hitting it head-on right now.

Whether you want to have a healthy sex life or not (it’s not for everyone), it’s not something you’re going to necessarily feel comfortable talking about.  When I talk to women on my calls (a safe and private space), I’d guess that nine out of 10 of them are not happy with their sex life in some way.

And they’re not alone, studies have shown 75% of women over 40 feel like their sex drive is decreasing, and 70% report dryness as an issue as well. So, unfortunately, this issue is very common.

Nicki WilliamsMenopause and sex; low libido, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse
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2 menopause supplements that are credible HRT alternatives

I get asked a lot about menopause supplements that work for women who can’t or don’t want to go down the medication route.

Supplements do just that, they ‘supplement’ a good diet and healthy lifestyle. They are not ‘magic pills’. I would always work on getting the diet right first, managing stress levels, cleaning up your environment and getting the right kind of exercise first before looking at supplements.

All of these things are vital steps to balance your hormones and stay healthy, whether you’re pre, peri or post menopause!

But supplements can provide the missing nutrients that your body needs to make you feel good.

Nicki Williams2 menopause supplements that are credible HRT alternatives
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8 Great Health Benefits Of Summer (But Watch Out For The Pitfalls)!

Summer has finally begun here in the UK – we’ve just hit some lovely weather and it’s feeling pretty warm. I love the summer, but if you’re having hot flushes or you don’t do well in the sun, it may not be your favourite time of year!

Whether you love or hate summer time, there are some amazing health benefits that we can enjoy, and some pitfalls we need to look out for.

Nicki Williams8 Great Health Benefits Of Summer (But Watch Out For The Pitfalls)!
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11 Proven Health Benefits of Yoga

I discovered yoga about 10 years ago, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. It makes me slow down for one, but the strength and flexibility I have from it are added bonuses.

I know yoga works for me, but I wondered if there was much scientific evidence. So I did a bit of research on and found 11 evidence based health benefits that I want to share with you.

Nicki Williams11 Proven Health Benefits of Yoga
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The Health Benefits of Time Restricted Eating

We’ve all heard of Intermittent Fasting, but Time Restricted Eating is the new buzzword in the health industry!

What is TRE?

It’s a form of Intermittent Fasting where instead of eating lower calories for a few days a week, you eat all your food within a certain time of day – eg 10am to 6pm. And you don’t have to count your calories.

I’m finding it’s a lot easier for many of my clients than Intermittent Fasting methods like 5:2 or 16:8, where they have struggled to restrict calorie intake over a whole day. Maybe that’s because as women we have more hormone fluctuations – and it could therefore be more important WHEN we eat rather than lowering our calorie intake (which can put additional stress on our bodies).

Fasting has been done by humans across the world for thousands of years. Our ancestors HAD to fast, as they didn’t have 24 hour access to food like we do.

And it’s popular amongst some popular health gurus, including Dr Michael Mosely, Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Zoe Harcombe, who all promote the benefits of TRE in their books.

Nicki WilliamsThe Health Benefits of Time Restricted Eating
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The underestimated health benefits of walking

Walking as a form of exercise is often snubbed by the fitness industry who try to persuade us to go big or go home!

But intense exercise and long hard cardio is not always the best thing for women over 40. That’s because we are more likely to be have hormone imbalances resulting from peri-menopause.

And when you’re already stressed, pushing your body even harder can make things worse.

So walking is ideal. In fact, one study showed that you can get the benefits of a 25 minute run from walking for an hour and 45 minutes. OK, so that’s going to take more time, but it’s amazing that you don’t need to run to get the same health benefits!

Nicki WilliamsThe underestimated health benefits of walking
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