Healthy Eating

10 time-saving tips for healthy eating

by Lauren Lovell, lead nutritionist for Happy Hormones for Life

For most of us, weekdays involve an endless to-do list with plenty of commitments to work, family and friends. This leaves very little time to focus on planning and preparing healthy meals which can leave even the best-intentioned of us relying on more processed foods or ready meals.

It doesn’t have to be this way! By taking a little time out over the weekend and following a few time-saving tips, you can get a healthy, nutritious, mid-week meal on the table in no time. Here’s how…

Nicki Williams10 time-saving tips for healthy eating
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Sugar and sugar alternatives

Sugar is now thought to be the greatest threat to human health, bar none!

And it seriously messes with your hormones. When you eat sugar and refined carbohydrates, it causes your blood sugar to spike, then fall a few hours later. This blood sugar roller coaster can be exhausting! Not only does it crash your energy levels and mood, but all that insulin production to control your blood sugar can have a serious impact on your thyroid, cortisol and oestrogen levels – those Feisty 4 hormones that are already playing up when you hit your peri-menopausal years!

Too much insulin is not only a risk factor for obesity and diabetes, but it’s also linked with heart disease, cancer, dementia and Alzheimers.

Nicki WilliamsSugar and sugar alternatives
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Why we should all try Mindful Eating

Do you eat breakfast in the car on the way to work or at your desk reading your emails?

Or scoff down your lunchtime sandwich while on the phone or on Facebook?

You probably eat on auto-pilot, not even registering what you are putting into your body. It’s just food, and you’re way to busy to pay it any attention, right?

While we have been so focused on WHAT we are eating, we have rarely questioned HOW we are eating. Growing research is now showing that our attitudes and habits around how we eat are just as important as what we’re putting in our mouths.

Nicki WilliamsWhy we should all try Mindful Eating
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What’s the skinny on fat?

For YEARS, we’ve been told that fat MAKES YOU FAT.

Ever since the 1950’s when research came out that linked saturated fat and cholesterol with heart disease, the low-fat food industry has flourished and we have avoided dietary fat like the plague.

It’s so ingrained in us that most of us cringe at the thought of dripping or lard. Even BUTTER…! And never touch the chicken skin, OMG!

The very sad thing is that the original research that started this all off has been invalidated. It turns out that saturated fat is not the main cause of heart disease. If that was the case, some high-fat eating populations around the world would have been wiped out. (One of these is the Inuit tribe of Greenland – they still eat high amounts of saturated animal fats, and have very low levels of heart disease, diabetes and obesity).

Nicki WilliamsWhat’s the skinny on fat?
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