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I’m Nicki Williams, award-winning nutritionist, author, speaker and women’s health expert.

Things weren’t always this way though……Far from it!

I was the chubby kid at school and the grown up girl who ate pizzas, burgers and partied hard most nights. I lived my life jumping from one fad diet to the next.

So what on earth happened to turn my life around? I hit 40, and couldn’t do it any more. My body had gone through 2 pregnancies, and while my kids were amazing, it was hard work juggling family and a stressful career. I didn’t have the time or energy to look after myself. I couldn’t get into my old clothes and the extreme diets I did try weren’t working any more! I was losing control of my body and the negative self talk was really affecting my confidence and my relationships.

Something had to change!

My doctor couldn’t help. In fact he offered me anti-depressants! I knew that wasn’t the answer. So I asked my dad……..

It just so happens that he’s a renowned natural health doctor, but like a typical daughter I had ignored his advice most of my life! But this time was different – I was ready to listen. He took control, got me tested and it turned out I had several hormone imbalances.

With his support I learned about my hormones and how to look after them using simple natural solutions including diet, lifestyle and natural supplements. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I immediately started to lose weight, my energy came back, my brain fog lifted and I was much more fun to be around – I had no idea how powerful a role hormones play in how you look and feel.

I was so impressed with the results that I quit my job and went back to college. After thousands of hours researching, writing papers and listening to experts all over the world, I qualified as a nutritionist. I’m now helping hundreds of women all over the world to regain control of their hormones through my 1-1 coaching, personalised testing, group workshops, online programmes and talks. And of course my book published in 2017 “It’s not you, it’s your hormones”, available on Amazon.

My vision now is for every woman in her 40’s and 50’s to feel better than she did in her 30’s.

Because when women are at their best, it not only affects them, but everyone around them – the ripple effect is huge. That’s why I LOVE doing this work!

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