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Are you Vitamin D deficient? Probably…..


1/ Your Vitamin D stores at this time of year will be low unless you’re exposed to good amounts of sunshine or you are supplemenint.

2/ The only time you can make sufficient Vitamin D in the UK or Northern hemisphere is from May to September because that’s when the sun is at the right height directly overhead.

3/ According to the National Diet and Nutrition survey, 90 percent of us in the UK are deficient.

4/ Vitamin D has a vital role in;

  • Brain health – it can help prevent depression, anxiety and cognitive decline
  • Bone health – it helps to regulate calcium and bone building
  • Immunity – Vitamin D helps to protect against infections, and long term chronic health conditions
  • Heart health – it helps to prevent calcium build up, and reduces inflammation
  • Blood sugar  – it helps to regulate your blood sugar and insulin
  • Skin – helps with conditions like psoriasis and eczema

5/ Food levels are minimal so you need to supplement with D3 along with magnesium and K2, at least 2000 iU a day

6/  You can test yourself at home –  go to 

7/ One of my favourite supplements is Vitamin D3 Complete by Allergy Research Group as it contains D3 plus other fat soluble vitamins that help it work. You can get it here – use code NJW010 for a 10% discount.

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Nicki WilliamsAre you Vitamin D deficient? Probably…..

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