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Small but mighty seeds

How many seeds do you include in your diet?

I have gone on about flax and chia in particular before, but sunflower, hemp, pumpkin and sesame all have their own nutritional powers.  And of course they are so great for our hormones!

The mighty power of seeds


What to do with them

Make sure you buy them unprocessed and raw. Flax (or linseeds) are best bought whole and then ground up to keep it as fresh as possible.

  • Throw a handful in to your smoothie
  • If you have a powerful blender, sunflower seeds make a nice gluten free flour for baking
  • Chia seeds are great to use as a thickening agent – for soups, stews, sauces and puddings (check out my choc chia pudding recipe)
  • Lightly toasted sesame and pumpkin seeds are great in a salad or stir fry
  • They make great ingredients for flapjacks, energy bars, crumble topping, granola, cheesecake bases

And if you want to mix them with chocolate (of course!), here’s my favourite raw chocolate truffle recipe.

Small but mighty seeds

raw chocolate truffles


I hope that has encouraged you to get more seeds into your diet. They are easy to buy, easy to throw in to your cooking and a great way of getting a big nutrient hit!

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Nicki WilliamsSmall but mighty seeds

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