The Hormone Health Check
How to help Women over 40 to FINALLY take back control of their Hormones.
Your Hormone Health Check Is Waiting For You...
The support you need to successfully BALANCE your hormones
This Hormone Health Check will help you to deal with your root causes rather than just your symptoms. We will talk you through what is likely going on, if there are any signs of imbalance and what the root cause might be. But more importantly we will discuss what changes you can easily make to your diet and lifestyle so that you can quickly achieve measurable results and start taking back control of your hormones, once and for all.
As a woman over 40, are you suffering from any of these common issues?
  • Stubborn weight gain that you can’t shift no matter what you try
  • Fatigue - you’re either flat out exhausted or you just want more energy to do the things you love to do
  • Mood swings that go from happy to depressed to emotional to angry - all in 5 minutes!
  • Brain fog and memory loss that is affecting your concentration, focus and sharpness (and you’re fed up of losing stuff!)
  • PMS or hot flushes - your cycle might be all over the place, your PMS debilitating or your hot flushes a huge embarrassment
  • Anxiety or stress might be keeping you ‘wired and tired’, overwhelmed, fearful or snappy
  • Low Sex drive (or painful sex) that is affecting your relationship
  • Digestive issues like constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, heartburn, gas - nothing seems to work
You may have sought help from your doctor,
who Might Have told you…
“It’s just your age”
Of course you can’t stop the ageing process but if you can understand your hormones and how to balance them as you get older, you’ll not only look and feel better but you’ll be reducing your risk of more serious conditions down the line. Knowing which of your hormones may be out of balance can help you to regain control so that you live life to the full at any age!

“Here, take an antidepressant” 
I get it, it’s tempting to take a pill, and I’m not saying they don’t work! They do work for many women, but they are only meant to be a short term solution. By identifying the root cause of your symptoms, we can help you put a plan in place to address it naturally and achieve sustainable long term results.
 “Your tests are all normal”
 So many women tell me they have been tested and they are ‘normal’. It happened to me too. It wasn’t until I got a full test panel done that I realised that there’s actually a big difference between ‘normal’ and ‘optimal’. It’s no good being in the ‘normal’ range if you have all the symptoms and are feeling terrible. We want you in to the optimal range so you feel amazing! And that’s why full and thorough testing is so important. It gives you the real story so that you can choose to be optimal over normal.

“Go on a diet!”
Like you haven’t tried that one already! It was so much easier when you were younger, right? But your body is changing and your hormones are fluctuating and without knowing what’s really going on, your attempts at weight loss will be an uphill struggle. Once you know what your hormones are up to, you can rebalance and reboost your metabolism, switching on your fat burning hormones and switching off the fat storing hormones.

Have you been consulting Dr Google?
It’s so easy to get information these days and you might have struck lucky and got something useful. But more than likely you have ended up overwhelmed and more confused than ever.

  Or are you buying supplements that you’ve heard are good for your hormones?
The supplement market is a minefield, and getting the right advice is tricky. You may be on a range of supplements that you’ve been told are good for you, but are often useless and at worst, harmful.
You don’t have to search for solutions on your own any more. 

It’s time to find out the truth from hormone specialists with your interests at heart.

Our Hormone Health Checks have been especially designed to get the root cause of hormone related issues.
So what’s in it for you?
  • Well, we listen and we understand. It’s so frustrating not being fully heard or understood, by your loved ones or by the medical profession. We understand you because we hear it every day from women just like you who are looking to live the best life they can
  • We ask the right questions and get to the likely cause without the guesswork. Whether we get there through a thorough health history and symptom check or through more comprehensive testing, our aim is always to identify the root cause. Because once we know what is causing the issue, we are able to provide you with the tools you need to resolve it for good
  • We’ll empower you with the knowledge of what testing is available so that you can feel confident in moving forward and making the right decisions that are best for you and your future health
  • We will help you create a unique and personalised programme that you can easily follow to achieve the results you desire
  • And don't worry we’ll always be here to support you along the way
What’s next?
I really want as many women to be able to access these benefits. I know I would have loved this when I was going through my own hormone issues.  So I’ve provided you with two options to make this accessible for everyone.

I know that some of you will want to go for the full test package straight away. But I also know that many of you will want to try us out first, or just take that first step.

So here are the options.
OPTION 1: The Hormone Health Check includes
  • A one hour consultation with one of our lead nutritionists (by Skype or phone)
  • A personalised 4 step plan including diet, exercise and lifestyle (to support any imbalances we find and get quicker results)
  • A personalised supplement plan (to support your hormones)
  • 10% discount on all supplements (it’s all helpful!)
  • Recommendations for resources that would be appropriate for you (saving you precious time on Google!)
OPTION 2: The Happy Hormones Test Package
This is the ultimate Hormone Health Check as it includes all of the above along with a Comprehensive Hormone Test.
  • A comprehensive female hormone test (including all of your Feisty 4) in a kit form that you can do at home (no need to get to a lab!)
  • Adrenal Profile - a salivary cortisol test over 4 points during the day and DHEAS levels give a good indication of stress resilience and whether the adrenals need supporting.
  • Full Thyroid Panel including TSH, free T4, free T3 (the active hormone) and thyroid antibodies - helps to pinpoint any weakness in the thyroid pathway. 
  • Sex Hormones - oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels in the luteal phase of the cycle (or anytime post-menopause) can indicate any areas of imbalance.
  • Fasting Insulin & HbA1c -indications for blood sugar control and risk of diabetes.
  • Vitamin D3 - critical for hormone balance, immune function and bone health.
  • A one hour online consultation to interpret your results and put a personalised programme together to address any imbalance
  • A half hour follow up consultation after a few weeks on your programme (to review your progress)
The kit will be sent to your home address, along with instructions on what to do and how to send it off. If you still have a menstrual cycle, the test needs to be done on day 19-20 of your cycle. If you are post menopausal or do not have periods, then it can be done on any day. You will also need to fast overnight for the blood finger prick test.
Apply for your Hormone Health Check and you’ll be in good hands
THE Happy Hormones
One Time Price, no set up fee.
  • A one hour consultation with one of our lead nutritionists (by Skype or phone)
  • A personalised 4 step plan including diet, exercise, lifestyle to support your hormones
  • A personalised supplement plan
  • 10% discount on all supplements
  • Recommendations for resources, and tests that would be appropriate for you
THE Happy Hormones
One Time Price, no set up fee.
  • A comprehensive female hormone test 
  • A one hour consultation with one of our lead nutritionists (by Skype or phone)
  • A half hour follow up consultation after a few weeks on the programme
  • A personalised 4 step plan including diet, exercise, lifestyle to support your hormones
  • A personalised supplement plan
  • 10% discount on all supplements
  • International shipping of test kits is available
Can’t I get these tests done with my Doctor?
  • You may be offered basic testing by your doctor, but you won’t get access to all these hormone markers (especially cortisol, DHEA, T3 and insulin) so you won’t get the full picture
  • These tests often come back ‘normal’ even if you are at the bottom end of the range (which is often very wide) and you are having obvious symptoms (especially thyroid testing where they only test for TSH and T4, not T3 your active hormone!)
  • Even if your results come back out of range, you will only get 10 minutes with your Doctor to discuss treatment options
  • Treatment options are generally limited to pharmaceuticals, natural protocols are not usually addressed
See you on the other side!
Thanks for watching and talk soon.
All the best,
Nicki Williams
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