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Has your sex drive gone AWOL? Top tips to boost libido.

If you’re a woman over 40, you may be wondering if you’re ever going to get your sex drive back. You used to get excited about sex with your partner, now it’s the last thing on your mind (and your to-do list). Sometimes you’re too exhausted, other times you just can’t get in the mood. What happened to the sex kitten you used to be?

Of course sex isn’t compulsory as you get older, and many women are happy not to worry about it anymore. But sex is really good for you and if you still want to have a good sex life, you may just need to check to see if it’s your hormones.

Nicki WilliamsHas your sex drive gone AWOL? Top tips to boost libido.
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Sugar and sugar alternatives

Sugar is now thought to be the greatest threat to human health, bar none!

And it seriously messes with your hormones. When you eat sugar and refined carbohydrates, it causes your blood sugar to spike, then fall a few hours later. This blood sugar roller coaster can be exhausting! Not only does it crash your energy levels and mood, but all that insulin production to control your blood sugar can have a serious impact on your thyroid, cortisol and oestrogen levels – those Feisty 4 hormones that are already playing up when you hit your peri-menopausal years!

Too much insulin is not only a risk factor for obesity and diabetes, but it’s also linked with heart disease, cancer, dementia and Alzheimers.

Nicki WilliamsSugar and sugar alternatives
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Ditch the diet if you’re over 40!

When is this ‘miracle diet’ bombardment ever going to stop?  Each new fad gets us excited with its promises to be the ‘ONE’ that finally works.

It’s time to get off the roller coaster – it doesn’t usually end well!  According to Zoe Harcombe, author of The Obesity Epidemic, 98% of people either don’t lose weight on a calorie controlled diet, or regain what they lost.

So throw away the diet books that have been gathering dust on your bookshelves. Stop reading the ‘Daily whatever’ or the glossy mags that shame you into jumping on to the latest crazy diet.

These diets might have worked for you when you were younger, but none of them are sustainable now you’re over 40.

Nicki WilliamsDitch the diet if you’re over 40!
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The best foods for hormone balance

What’s the one thing that you can do right away that will affect your hormone balance really quickly? It’s choosing the right food. And that’s because what you eat directly affects your biochemistry and your hormone balance – almost immediately.

To truly balance your hormones, you need to start seeing food differently. Not as calories, but as INFORMATION. Food has the power to change how you look, feel, think and perform. It does this by sending messenger signals to your cells and hormones. It can literally tell your body to burn or store fat, to increase or decrease your energy levels, to alter your mood, to change how your brain functions or to switch on genes that cause disease.

So on my programmes we focus on the foods that nourish your hormones – and we don’t count calories!

Nicki WilliamsThe best foods for hormone balance
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Top 10 Myths about Menopause

I speak with women over 40 every day, and what I’m seeing and hearing is a lot of mis-information (menopause myths), which can be confusing when you’re trying to work out how best to look after yourself at this time.

I was certainly in the same boat in my early 40’s when I was suffering from stubborn weight gain, exhaustion, mood swings and brain fog. I had no idea that it was anything to do with the menopause – in fact I was horrified when my dad told me it was my declining hormones!

So I thought I’d share with you my top 10 menopause myths, the most common misconceptions that come up when I talk to women. Because this is what I would have loved to have known when I was going through my issues.

Nicki WilliamsTop 10 Myths about Menopause
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How brain fog can feel like you’re losing your mind

Constantly losing your keys? Forgetting your words in the middle of a sentence (or someone’s name (so embarrassing!)?

Or finding it impossible to concentrate and focus, let alone solve a problem!

It can be scary – we’ve all seen films like Still Alice. Or we might know or be caring for elderly relatives with Alzheimers or dementia. But more often than not, it’s common and garden BRAIN FOG that’s driving us crazy.

Nicki WilliamsHow brain fog can feel like you’re losing your mind
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Top 10 tips to love your liver!

Are you looking after your liver? That doesn’t just mean watching how many glasses of wine you’re drinking.

Of course that’s important, but did you know that as well as detoxing the alcohol, your liver also regulates your hormones? And deals with all the chemicals you are exposed to (that includes the perfume you spray on, the chlorine in your tap water, the pills you take and the pesticides on your fruit & veg?).

Your liver is working harder than ever. Over the last few decades, it is having to deal with thousands of new chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the products we use and the water we drink. And clear up that nightly glass or two of wine!

Nicki WilliamsTop 10 tips to love your liver!
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3 easy and delicious healthy summer recipes

by Lauren Lovell, Nutritional Therapist, dipION.

Ahhh…summer has finally arrived in the UK! The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and the holidays are upon us, and we need some healthy summer recipes that we can whip up easily. We want to ensure we’re eating light and hydrating foods to make us feel great!

There are so many delicious and versatile fruits and vegetables in season over the summer that can be whipped up into a healthy meal in no time – I like to make them the star of the show and eat my meals alfresco at every opportunity (this helps us get an extra boost of Vitamin D too!)    

Below are my top 3 healthy summer recipes; they are bursting with nutrients and taste and have seasonal vegetables at their core. Eating seasonally usually means more locally sourced foods, less travel time from soil to plate, more nutrients and a lower carbon footprint! Your body and the planet will thank you for it! 

Try one of these summery meals tonight! 

Nicki Williams3 easy and delicious healthy summer recipes
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Happy Hormones in California!

I’m going off piste a bit with this blog. It’s not about hormones and it’s a little self indulgent too, but I hope you’ll find it interesting none the less!

I have been lucky enough to be able to come out to California with the kids for the summer 3 times now as my hubby is the editor of a TV showcalled Episodes and he has to come to Santa Barbara to do the editing (it’s a tough gig….!).  We are here again this summer but it’s very probably our last time, as this is the last series (:

These trips have been amazing for us all as we have had the chance to sample life as tourists and as locals.

And for me, it’s been especially interesting from a health and nutrition perspective, which each time has struck me as such a double edged sword. The extremes on both sides of the spectrum are much more pronounced than in the UK, especially in California, where you can find super healthy right next to the worst kind of ‘food’ on every corner.

Here are my pro’s and con’s of life in the sunshine state vs life in the UK;

Nicki WilliamsHappy Hormones in California!
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The Best Exercise for Hormone Balance?

Physical activity – we all need it, about 30% of the world doesn’t get any, and some of us do too much. Exercise is vital for hormone balance, as it has been shown to reduce stress levels and also increase our insulin function.

But there are a lot of myths out there about exercise. Especially for women over 40.

Nicki WilliamsThe Best Exercise for Hormone Balance?
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