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7 reasons to reach for the chocolate

Chocolate is loved (or WORSHIPPED) universally, especially by women. It is routinely the comfort food us girls turn to when we’re stressed, sad, emotional, moody, angry, frustrated and exhausted – and who hasn’t relied on it to get through a bout of PMS?!

It obviously satisfies our emotional needs, but it is often demonized as a bad food and we are made to feel guilty when we indulge. But the right kind of chocolate is actually now being proven to be a health food!

Studies have already shown benefits to heart health, insulin control and cognitive decline. A major new study involving 18,000 people has been launched giving participants extracted flavonols from the cocoa bean in a pill to see if there are any health benefits without the sugar and fat in ordinary chocolate. Chocolate medicine?? Not as fun as eating the stuff but could prove to be good news for us dark addicts!

So chocolate can be really good for us!  Of course I am not talking about your average Dairy Milk bar, which is loaded with sugar and heavily processed, which destroys the beneficial flavonols. The cocoa in dark chocolate (over 70%) and especially in raw cacao retains the flavonols that can help us in many ways;

1.  HEART – there’s a reason we ‘heart’ chocolate – several studies have shown that it can lower blood pressure, dilate blood vessels, reduce ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and increase ‘good’ HDL cholesterol.

2.  MOOD – it makes us happy (doh!) – it can reduce anxiety and increase endorphins, our feel good hormones.

3.  BRAIN – it has been shown to stimulate the formation of new brain cells – helping with memory and concentration.

4.  SKINthe antioxidants can help protect against ageing and improve skin health.

5.  STRESSfunny how we crave chocolate when we’re stressed? That could be because it has been shown to reduce stress hormones.

6.  SEX DRIVE – the blood vessel dilation properties can help to boost sexual function and fertility.

7.  WEIGHT LOSS – really??  One study found an association between higher chocolate consumption and lower central fatness in adolescents. This could be due to its effects on insulin regulation.

These benefits are limited to dark and raw chocolate due to their high cocoa content, and moderation is key!  Many of the studies used around 40g per day, which equates to just under half a bar of Green & Blacks. However this amount would contain a fair amount of sugar, so the healthier option would be a raw chocolate bar made with coconut sugar, stevia or xylitol – sugars which don’t raise our insulin levels as much. My latest chocolate crush is OmBar.

Or try making your own with some raw cacao – loving the new Super Cacao from Aduna– it’s got 8 times the flavonols than regular cacao powder! 

Check out this recipe for raw chocolate truffles. Enjoy…

Delicious raw chocolates

Delicious raw chocolates












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Nicki Williams7 reasons to reach for the chocolate

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  • Leila Cordero - September 17, 2014 reply

    I using the flax seeds for around 5-6 years and the Chia just a year. It is amazing, gave energy all day and control my appetite. Also anxiety.

  • Lizzie - September 24, 2014 reply

    Buy Flax seed oil and pour it on your salad instead of olive oil. Make seed bars (using Xylitol rather than sugar) and add chia seeds – great subtle flavour and no complaints as no one knows – children included 🙂

  • Robyn - December 22, 2014 reply

    I think it’s funny that many of the superfoods have such difficult names! Why can’t they be simple? LOL! Just my take! I will have to try some of these. Flaxseed is already in my diet but I’m ready to add more! Thanks for the great list!

    admin - December 22, 2014 reply

    Glad you like the list and that you are keen to try adding some in to your diet!

  • Judy - December 22, 2014 reply

    Like with all things that are ‘healthy’, I think that there are general guidelines and then specifics which apply to individuals. I am totally obsessed with eating the right food to keep me healthy. The thing that has improved my health most is discovery that I have Coeliac Disease, because now I am GF my gut is not self-destructing and I absorb the nutrients that I eat. I find flax seeds incredibly good as a way to add fibre to a mandatory gluten-free diet, and of course the flax seeds have to be guaranteed GF. Yes it is very expensive!

  • Sarah - December 31, 2014 reply

    A great list Nicki! You can’t beat a good cupboard full of solid basics that enhance health .. and taste good at the same time. 🙂

    I haven’t tried Baobab. I’ve read that the powder doesn’t have much taste, but the jam, made from it’s flesh, looks like honey, tastes a little like lemon curd (yum!) and has the texture of a gritty pear. I’m going to look into that one!

  • Corinne - July 30, 2016 reply

    Hi Nicki,

    I am badly affected by spray deodorants as they cause immediate nasel drip! Any ideas on a good natural deoderant that can cope with excessive sweating! I have had to give up the hairdryer!

    Nicki Williams - August 27, 2016 reply

    Hi Corinne, try Green People’s deodorant, I love it and very safe.

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