The key to sustained weight loss and vitality is NOT some fad diet or crazy fitness programme
For women over 40, the answer is to take back control of your Hormones
Your hormone health doesn't have to be sacrificed because you’re too busy and unsure where to start
Have you been struggling with fat and fatigue now you’re over 40?
Do you feel like you are running from task to task? Never quite catching up...
Do you have the feeling that something could slightly be off with your hormones?
Imagine a life full of energy and free of deprivation diets and calorie counting FOR GOOD…

The 30 days to Happy Hormones programme is a simple nutrition and lifestyle system that focusses on your Feisty 4 main hormones that control your weight and energy after 40.

By balancing your Feisty 4 hormones it will help you get back to your very best again.
But I'm here to tell you that it's not too difficult...
Hi, I'm Nicki Williams from Happy Hormones for life
and I'm a qualified nutritionist.… and balancing your family and your hormones doesn't have to be exhausting. 

When I finally got in control of my hormones "my life completely changed".

My discovery sent me on a path on figuring out how hormone balance really works. I spent many years learning, training and testing everything available to naturally reset hormones. As I did the internal work following my nutrition and lifestyle system, the results were amazing. 

That's when I developed The 30 days to Happy Hormones programme, to show you how to naturally balance your hormones using my targeted lifestyle system.

These days, I help women over 40 all over the world get back to their very best with lasting results in weight loss, glowing skin, restorative sleep, happy digestion and new levels of energy.
No matter where you are on your hormone balancing journey, we’re here to offer you a simple and effective 30-day road map to a healthier and happier you
Look What My Clients Are Saying About 30 Days To Happy Hormones…
“I contacted Nicki as I was feeling very tired, couldn't sleep at night and had some weight to lose - and thought it might be to do with my hormones. After an initial chat with her, she explained how hormone imbalances could cause these symptoms, and I knew she could help me.
She put me on her 30 day programme, which I really enjoyed. I wasn’t expecting to find it so easy, and I started losing weight and feeling better almost immediately. I have since lost 19lbs and continuing to lose consistently every week, even after finishing the programme. I have so much more energy and am finally getting a good night’s sleep.”

Sharon Aldridge-Bent, University Lecturer
"I sought help from Nicki for my constant fatigue and feelings of stress. I followed her 30 day programme and really noticed the difference in my energy levels. She also gave me some excellent techniques in dealing with stress. Overall, I feel a significant change in my life thanks to Nicki's advice and would highly recommend her and the Happy Hormones programme."

Michelle Farr, BBC Producer, London 
"I highly recommend the 30 days to Happy Hormones programme. Nicki was there every step of the way and was very approachable. At the end, I achieved what I set out to do, I felt so much better and wasn't wanting a nap in the middle of the afternoon any more - great result! I am more than happy to recommend Nicki’s programme for anyone wanting to get their mojo back"

 Karen Scott, CEO; 

Here's What You're Going To Get
This is an easy to follow 30 day hormone balancing program, designed for YOU
You will learn about the main hormones that are in control of your weight, energy, metabolism and mood after 40.
  • Cortisol: Your stress hormone - by learning how to balance your cortisol, you can lose that ‘stress belly’ for good, get your brain back and handle stress with ease!
  • Insulin: Your fat storing hormone - you will start to learn how to control your cravings and start burning fat rather than storing it!  
  • Thyroid: Your metabolism regulator - you will learn how to naturally rev up your metabolism, so your energy levels and fat loss are sustainable.
  • Oestrogen: Your sex hormone - the time is NOW to get rid of those monthly blues. You will learn how to start making PMS and hormone havoc a distant memory!
This is not a one time thing - it’s a lifestyle change and a valuable lifetime resource you can count on and revisit whenever you need to.

You will learn the fastest and simplest techniques:
  • Eat: To naturally nourish your hormones so that they keep you slim, energised and happy.
  • Rest: To naturally switch off stress, improve your sleep and revitalise how you feel and think.
  • Cleanse: To finally minimise the exposure to toxins. Allowing your body to naturally release stubborn fat and restore energy production. 
  • Move: To exercise smarter to boost your hormones. Getting you back into your favourite clothes.
Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What You Get When You Join The Programme:
All of your course materials are conveniently accessed through our private membership site. Everything is arranged for you in a super simple-to-use, password-protected website platform, accessible on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It provides you with all the steps & guidance you need for MAXIMUM RESULTS. And you have lifetime access - you can revisit the programme whenever you need to.
I will guide you step by step through each week of the programme, with both practical and instructional videos and all the downloadable materials and useful resources you’ll need to restore hormone balance and enjoy the benefits!
To give you every chance to get the results you want, I have created 2 levels for this programme. There’s an Entry and Fast Track level so that you can go at the pace that’s right for you.
Finally clear up the confusion over diets, fitness and ‘healthy’ foods. I have done all the work for you! You’ll get easy to follow meal plans, food lists, delicious recipes, shopping guides and a whole lot more - for the whole 30 days. All you need to do is stock up and get started.
It’s always vital to have a place to go for support and advice. Our Happy Hormones private Facebook group is the place to connect with other like minded women to get help, support, encouragement and to share your successes. If you’re doing this alone, it’s a great way to create your own accountability buddies. The Happy Hormones team will be hanging out on there most days to answer questions.
You’ll get daily emails from me, with additional tips, resources and reminders - to keep you on track and motivated. You also get a FREE Bonus phone call with one of the team to take whenever you feel you need support.
I have done over 5 years of research to bring you the latest cutting edge advice and resources on weight loss, energy metabolism, managing stress & sleep, toxins and exercise. Rest assured that you are getting the best advice out there.
You Don’t Have to Take My Word for It…
“I joined the 30 days to Happy Hormones programme initially because I wanted to lose some weight and to regulate my feelings and emotions on the run up to my period. Following the programme meant I soon discovered so many more benefits! I realised how much stress and other hormones were affecting my energy, mood and my stubborn weight gain. By feeding my hormones the right nutrients, making sure I was resting enough and following the 4 step process, I lost over 9lbs in 30 days. I had so much more energy and could finally think straight and I wasn't as affected by that ‘out of control’ feeling just before my cycle! I am finally off the yo-yo diet cycle and feel so much better all round. Being shown the right way and seeing and feeling the benefits has changed my outlook, my eating habits and my life – all for the better!!"

 Aegean Thompson, Project Manager, City of London
“ Once I hit 40, I found it really hard to lose weight. My usual diets just weren't working any more. I had no idea it could be down to my hormones, until I discovered Nicki's 30 day programme! By ditching the foods that weren't serving my hormones, I managed to lose 10lbs of fat from my middle, I was able to stay awake past 9pm for the first time in years, and everyone noticed how glowing my skin was! And I finally have the energy and stamina to deal with stress. I'm amazed at what can be achieved in such a short time!”

Heena Thaker, Optometrist, Bucks
“Before I discovered Happy Hormones, I was struggling to lose weight and felt bloated. After 30 days on Nicki’s programme, I had lost 8lbs and the bloating had gone. The meal plan was so easy to follow, and there were food lists if I wanted to do my own thing. The recipes were delicious and I didn't feel hungry at all during the whole 30 days. I am now eating healthy food that I love -and I have the tools I need to lose a few pounds if I need to. I highly recommend Nicki’s programme to anyone who is looking for sustainable weight loss and a healthy eating plan for the long term.”

Donna Obstfeld, CEO;

You'll Also Get Instant Access to my Exclusive 30 Days To Happy Hormones Bonuses!
BONUS 1 - VALUE: £17
The best foods for women over 40
Food is paramount for nourishing your hormones and this essential guide will give you the very best foods that switch your body into fat burning mode. So you know exactly what foods to prioritise and always have on your shopping list. These are the best foods to get your Feisty 4 hormones back into fat burning and energy boosting mode. Making every food shop a step closer to the new sexy you.
BONUS 2 - VALUE: £17
The best supplements for women over 40
Taking these supplements will sky rocket your results once you hit 40 and beyond. I've used all my clinical experience and knowledge to put together a fantastic set of resources that are the very best supplements for your Feisty 4 hormones. Thus eliminating the confusion and saving you money.
When You Sign Up Today,
You’ll Receive A FAST TRACK Private Coaching Call…
Sign up TODAY for your:
So that we can personalise your programme together to achieve faster results. 
It is now your responsibility to take action.
I am not sure how long I can keep this Bonus Offer Call running! 
So act fast before all the spots are taken.
VALUE: £295.00
BONUS 3 - VALUE: £17
The Happy Hormones guide to testing
This exclusive guide will empower you with the knowledge on how to achieve longer lasting results. By understanding these basic health tests you will be able to get to the root of your symptoms and start taking back control of your Feisty 4 hormones. Every woman over 40 needs this knowledge to improve fat burning and restore energy levels.
Sample chapter from my book
A free chapter for you to sample my recently published book, ‘It’s not you, it’s your hormones; The essential guide for women over 40 to fight fat, fatigue and hormone havoc!’ 
Available to buy on Amazon
BONUS 5 - VALUE: £37
“How to Sleep Better” video
Watch my talk on How to Sleep Better from the Sheer Luxe Women’s Day last year. You’ll get some helpful tips and information on why sleep is important and how to get better at it!
BONUS 6 - VALUE: £37
Mindset Course
This is an exclusive series of 3 videos by mindset trainer Caroline Ferguson, made especially for this programme to help you get the results you want. She talks you through how to get over your procrastination and find your best motivation style.
BONUS 7 - VALUE: £97
One to one 30 minute Call
At any time during your programme you can apply for a bonus support call with one of the team. Whether you need help during your programme or you want advice on your next steps, we’re here to help. This kind of 1-1 support can be the difference between success and failure.
Lifetime Access
I know you’re busy. When you join the 30 Days To Happy Hormones you’ll automatically receive lifetime access to all the materials. That means you can do the programme in your own time whenever you want. You’ll also get access to any bonuses or updates that I add in in the years to come!
“I'm interested! How Much Will This Cost Me?”
I want to give you immediate access 
to everything
for a one-time, single, secure payment of only...
Life Access, no set up fee.
  • 4 Step Hormone Balancing Formula - VALUE: £997
  • BONUS 1 - The best foods for women over 40 - VALUE: £17
  • BONUS 2 - The best supplements for women over 40 - VALUE: £17
  •     BONUS 3 - The Happy Hormones guide to testing - VALUE: £17
  • BONUS 4 - Sample chapter from my book
  • BONUS 5 - “How to Sleep Better” video - VALUE: £37
  • BONUS 6 - Mindset Course - VALUE £37
  • BONUS 7 - One to one 30 minute Call - VALUE £97
How is this any different to the usual weight loss programmes?
This programme is not a fad one-off diet. It’s a whole new nutrition and lifestyle system, designed to re-balance your hormones for good. It’s not based on the outdated calorie model as this does not focus on your hormones. So no calorie counting or weighing, just plenty of foods that specifically nourish your hormones. You won’t be going hungry on this programme. It’s an educational and practical plan to change your habits over the long term.
What kind of foods will I be eating on this programme?
The foods are all delicious nutrient dense foods that are going to nourish your hormones, allowing them to work optimally for you, giving you sustained energy and helping to switch on your fat burning processes. Lots of good quality protein, healthy fats and plenty of vegetables. And no deprivation - coffee, chocolate and wine are all allowed to some degree.
I have a busy social calendar around this time, can I do it another time?
This programme is designed to be a long term lifestyle change, so now is as good a time as any to get started. As long as you prepare well, there’s no reason you can’t do this anytime, anywhere. And once you have access to the membership site, you can do it whenever you like.
I don’t live in the UK, can I do this programme?
Yes! We have customers all over the world doing this programme. It’s all online, so you can log in and follow it wherever you are. Some of the recommended products are UK or European brands, but you can find alternatives where you live.
We value the private group we've created to be a source of inspiration, motivation and support. We’d rather work with a small group of women who are committed to taking action, than a large group of women who are just looking for the next cool diet craze.

We’re not looking for perfection over the next 30 days. We’re looking for action takers. If you slip-up, it’s okay - our community is here to support you every step of the way. We want you to do your best and take baby steps towards balancing your hormones until you embrace the lifestyle (which we think you will!)
  • You can’t move away from low calorie and low fat diets
  • You aren't willing to put yourself first for a change
  • You are still looking for a quick fix or magic pill
  • You've suspected something is wrong with your hormones, but are not ready to make some changes to your current lifestyle
  • You want to remain controlled by your hormones!
  • You have trouble losing unwanted weight, even when you’re eating well and exercising
  • You’re consistently lacking energy
  • You would love to get rid of your sugar cravings for good
  • You want to feel like yourself again and create the best life for you and your family
  • You have trouble falling or staying asleep
There’s absolutely no risk here.
There’s a small chance that you’ve never dealt with me or my company before. So you may not be aware of my amazing support desk and customer care policies. If that’s the case, let me set your mind at ease. You are covered by our 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. So if this is not one of the best investments you’ve ever made… well… then I don’t want your money. I will happily refund it for you within our guarantee.
That’s it.
Simple. Proven. Guaranteed
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